Healthy Bodies, Healthy Communities!


Welcome to Mission: Fit Dayton

According to the Montgomery County Public Health report, 65% of adults are overweight in Montgomery County. My mission is to lower this statistic and create healthier communities by supporting and bringing awareness to organizations and individuals in the Dayton area that are working to create positive and progressive changes in the communities we live in!

Each month Mission Fit Dayton will host an affordable and fun weight loss challenge. The challenge will feature Hip Hop Cardio Dance Classes, Metabolic Training Classes, nutrition seminars, meal prep parties, at home/at gym workouts, and group accountability. Prizes will be awarded to individuals who lose the highest percentage of their body weight, individuals who have the highest amount of participation points, and groups who have the highest combined participation points! Individuals who do not want to participate in the challenges can still take the classes for a drop in fee.dsc_7235-web

Every month, Mission: Fit Dayton will sponsor a local organization or individual that is making strides to create positive changes in our community. 50% of profit for all class drop-in fees, 50% of profit from merchandise sales, 100% of donations, and 100% of the profit from the end of the month Cardio Party will go to the organization of the month.

I challenge you to join this mission to create healthy bodies and healthy communities by joining the challenge! Please visit the following link for details: Challenge