How Bad Do You Want it?

Every day, people tell me they want to lose weight, build more muscle, or just be healthier. I tell these people, “you can have whatever you desire if you want it badly enough.” The journey to a leaner, healthier you will be full of obstacles that can set 
dsc_7258-webyou back or completely throw you off track. In order to succeed in anything you need to have a desire to change, create a plan of action, follow through, and stay focused. When obstacles get in the way such as change in schedule, injury, family obligations, financial difficulties, etc., you have to determine how important your goal is to you and keep pushing. Your plan of action my have to change. For instance, if your schedule changed you may need to readjust your workout schedule and meal times. If you injured yourself, focus on your diet and temporarily change your workout program to work around your injury. If you are low on money, rather than joining a gym, 
go for a jog and grab some resistance band for you strength training. There is no obstacle too great to keep you from reaching your goals if you want it badly enough.

How bad do YOU want it??

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